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FLQ6200 Online turbidimeter

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  • Range:0~4000 mg/l/ppm
  • Accuracy:±5%
  • Display:LCD display
  • Output:4~20mA; Digital signal: RS232
  • Power:220V ±10%
  • Size:96×96×155mm
  • Details
  • Parameters
  • Spare parts
  • Installation and debugging


The FLQ6100 turbidimeter which has advantages of accuracy measurement , stable operation and long service life, is designed by the light scattering principle. And the LED is used as the light source of sensor. The measuring principle is that the turbidimeter emits a light beam, the light beam is scattered when it encounters suspended particles in water, and the scattering intensity is proportional to the turbidity of water. A photoelectric detector records the light intensity in the perpendicular to the beam. In addition , the instrument also emits a reference light for correcting effects of the light intensity , the color change and lens dirt.


•Automatically transform range
•Sensitivity calibration function
•Automatic zero calibration
•LCD with backlight
•EEPROM storage
•Automatic over-range protection function
•Automatic reset function
•Alarm function
•Self-cleaning function (optional)


  It is mainly used for municipal sewage treatment , environmental monitoring , running water , hospitals , institutes and industries .And the turbidity of the water, waste water and beverages can be directly measured. 


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